It all started in 2020 as an idea based on how everyone was buying products online due to the ‘stay-at-home orders, as well as certain fields moved to work from home due to Covid-19.  It has changed how people do business now. At the time, we wanted to hop on that wave. However, other projects got in the way, and the idea was set aside. Coming back to it years later with fresh eyes, and a different approach, operations did not begin until 2023. Heavily influenced by Amazon(Company) which wants to focus on dropshipping,  e-commerce, online advertising, partnerships(both domestic and international), and distributing. All of this with the black consumer, as well as the black producer in mind.

We currently get our products from local businesses, and individual sellers, A small percentage of our products will come from us. The goal is to outsource manufacturing mainly from Africa, with Afro-Americans a second best, and everything else(worldwide) a strong third. This does not mean that we will reject Non-Black/Non-African individuals that want to be a part of this site, just not the main focus.


Short Term

Long Term